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V-SOL successfully participated in the 27th India Communication Exhibition

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Update time : 2019-02-13 15:27:47
 Start: January 29th-31st
Place: New Delhi India
Event Category: Telecom, Broadcast, IT & Digital media sectors
2019,it is V-SOLUTIONs new start, when VSOL team participated 27th Convergence India expo. The expo is the complete platform to deliberate and engage with international business gurus, telecom and broadcasting czars, leaders from IT & internet, electronics, media, entertainment, communications, broadcast, cable & satellite, fibre, cloud, VAS, etc. verticals, where shows V-SOL PON Series PON fiber access products & solutions and attracts high quality exhibitors to showcase their expertise and identify the thriving business opportunities in India.
Convergence India expo, Established in 1992, the Convergence India series is the largest ICT expo in this region focusing innovations in Telecom, Broadcast, IT & Digital media sectors.
It is India’s leading communications, broadcast, IT and technology show, showcasing the latest trends and technologies in telecom, broadcast, cable and satellite, internet of things, broadband, cloud & big data, mobile devices & accessories, film & radio, content creation, content management and delivery. Since 2015,VSOLUTION participate this exhibition every year with new models and get good reputation from customers.

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