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V-SOL participated in the 4th Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon

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Update time : 2021-01-05 10:58:30

At 8 o'clock in the morning on December 27, the 2020 Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon started with passionate at the Green Axis Plaza in Huangpu District. Marathon enthusiasts from all over the country set off from Science City, running for the extraordinary 2020.

The V-SOL runners are full of energy and enthusiasm. In this marathon, 14 V-SOL family members successfully got the qualification to participating in the full marathon, half marathon and mini-marathon respectively, and went to a running event of 20,000 people. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen, Mr. Rao, and other company leaders, everyone ran to their heart's content, sweating while enjoying the fun of running, and finished the race smoothly with perseverance.

In the competition, everyone fully carried forward the marathon spirit of "challenging yourself, surpassing the limit, persevering, never giving up", and showed the positive and united spirit of V-SOL family during the run

V-SOL cheer-leading team came to the arena point early in the morning to cheer for the V-SOL players and set up a supply station very thoughtfully to provide nutritious fruits, drinks, and other high-quality energy supplies for the V-SOL families after the competition, so that they can recover as soon as possible.

This event is the 4th time that V-SOL organizes family members to participate in an international marathon. The hobby of marathon long-distance running has become one of the corporate cultural characteristics of V-SOL Technology. The perseverance, endurance, and other characteristics required for running a marathon are also integrated into the company's daily operations. Whether it is technology research and development or product service, V-SOL insists on long-term operations, through continuous innovation, and solid production of quality products.

V-SOL has always advocating and encouraging staff to exercise more exercises outside of work, combine work and rest, maintain innovation, enterprising, respect, and share; in the spirit of marathon, we work together and striding forward as a team to make the company "become a leading brand in the communications access field"!

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