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V-SOL July, August employee birthday party in 2020

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Update time : 2020-08-28 08:29:08
There is a kind of care
Quietly but warm to your heart.
On the staff birthday party, coincides with Chinese Valentine's Day
V-Solution brings you the deepest love!
On August 25,
Everyone gathered around singing happy birthday to our Chairman Chen and other birthday boy/girls.
We celebrated and wish them the best!

In the delicious aroma of pastries and grilled food, we sent out meticulously prepared slogans
and greeting cards
Appreciate our employees’ dedication to the

In the sound of blessings, happy smiling faces will remain in our memories forever.

Every birthday party reflects V-SOL's care for employees and corporate culture, let’s walk together holding hands to create a better tomorrow for V-SOL!   
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