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V-SOL Games 2020 kicks off

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Update time : 2020-09-07 17:45:52

To enrich the cultural life of the staff and further enhance their cohesion and physical health, the V-SOL Sports Day series was officially opened on 27 July. With the theme of "Sports with Core, Health with Core", the Games consisted of seven events, including table tennis, flatbed support, basketball, cycling, tug of war, 7-a-side football and badminton, etc. The Games are expected to last for more than four months.

So far, a total of 95 V-SOL family members have registered for the Games, of which table tennis and flatbed support have been successfully completed after a fierce competition.


Table Tennis

On 27 July, the 2020 V-SOL Table Tennis Competition kicked off at 601 Creative Building. After two weeks of fierce competition, Tochun, a player from the Production and Manufacturing Centre, was superb in the men's table tennis competition and easily won the championship; Xu Jianwen took the second place; and Guo Jigang came in third place.


In the afternoon of 18 August, the women's table tennis competition was particularly fierce. After a few rounds of battles, Strontium Tong Ye from the R&D Centre took first place after a wave; Lili Qin won second place; and Huang Yuling, the previous champion, only won third place.


Plate Support

In the afternoon of 21 August, the 2020 V-SOL flatbed support competition started at 1101 Creative Building. With the spirit of not giving in to defeat in the end, as time passed by, everyone's perseverance and persistence in winning could only be decided in the end, and finally Xie Weining of the men's group won the first place with 6 minutes and 34 seconds, and Chen Yu of the women's group won the first place with 4 minutes and 55 seconds. A number of V-SOL leaders personally participated in the competition, expressing their support for the event through their actions, while the cheering of the fan club added a beautiful sight to the event!


As the 2020 V-SOL Games continue, who will win the basketball, tug-of-war, football and badminton competitions next? Let's wait and see!

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