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Tenth V-Solution Backbone Conference

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Update time : 2019-08-15 11:39:29

On 10th August, 2019, Guangzhou V-Solution Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd. held the 10th Backbone Conference in Hongshan Conference Hall of Luogang Convention Center. The participants of the conference had 55 key employees and 5 invited guests, a total of 60 people. The meeting was hosted by Xueqin Liu ,manager of the financial department of the post-80s, and Guo Li, the director of R&D product line, highlighted the trend of further younger cadres in the company.

After we sang the company song, Mr. Chen Chunming, the chairman and general manager of the company, delivered a speech. In his speech, Mr. Chen put forward that the theme of the conference was “Quality and Improvement Measures”, aimed to meet our target over 300 million, and fulfil our third Three-year Plan.

Deng Wen, manager of the Human Resources and Administration Department, led us to review the previous nine Backbone conference. Photographs recorded the growth of the backbone team step by step, and also witnessed the growth of V-SOL. The previous backbone meetings precipitated many great ideas for company development, which promoted the rapid development of the company.

Next, the leaders of various departments make a summary report on their work in the first half of the year. They concisely summarized the achievements in the first half of the year, and also put forward the shortcomings and improvement measures in the work. They plan the work for the following half of the year and try their best to fight for the annual target in 2019.

The company's innovation and progress can not be separated from everyone’s suggestions. The participants actively proposed dozens of proposals to promote the development of the company. Before the meeting, various departments recommended nine excellent proposals. The proposal is clear about the company's development theme, rich content, novel viewpoint and involves many aspects. After the proposer share in the meeting, the judges of each department scored and selected one first prize, two second prize and three third prize. Tony Han, who is from R&D center, used many daily examples to illustrate and pass the humorous speech proposal "No consensus, all processes are stunned", which was unanimously recognized to win the first prize.
In the afternoon, all the members were divided into five groups to show their morale. Good morale and full spirit are the solid guarantee for V-Solution family to work enthusiastically and achieve their goals. The ‘Science and Technology Innovation Team formed by the company's senior executives displayed imaginative and creative, and showed the character of core management team. But the backbone of the manufacturing center performed more uniformly, the slogan is louder, won the first place.

2019 is the first year of V-Solution Quality. In the next session, quality manager DaKuan Qiu made a quality report for the first half of the year. The report is based on quality incidents and is based on statistical data to point out the quality problems and the seriousness of our problems. Through this way of self-exposed scars without avoiding problems, in order to comprehensively improve product quality and better build the brand of V-Solution.

According to the agenda of the meeting, the participants were divided into four groups to hold a three-year plan discussion. Everyone enthusiastically spoke and brainstormed, summing up 47 good development strategies for the company. At the meeting, the representatives of each group pointed out the existing problems of other departments in detail. The leaders of departments listened carefully and recorded the problems of their own departments. After the meeting, the leaders of each department will be responsible for promoting and implementing the solution of the problems of their own departments.

Finally, Chairman Mr. Chen Chunming concluded his speech and reiterated the significance of this key meeting. It clearly stated that we should awaken our passion through bone scraping and treatment to achieve our new three-year planning goal in the near future.
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