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V-SOL was Selected into Enterprises for "Technologically Advanced" Support Plan

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Update time : 2021-11-04 17:27:30

On November 1, the launching ceremony of the 2021 Guangzhou Private Economic Service Conference and Private Enterprise Service Week was held in Dongfang Hotel. V-SOL was successfully selected into the list of enterprises (first batch) cultivated by the Guangzhou “technologically advanced” support plan.
The conference awarded plaques to the top 500 private enterprises in China in 2021, the leading private enterprises in Guangzhou, and Guangzhou's first batch of cultivating enterprises for “technologically advanced” support plan. Chen Chunming, the CEO of V-SOL, received the plaque as a representative of the technologically advanced enterprises.


Guangzhou’s first batch of cultivating enterprises was jointly assessed and selected by the Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce and Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. A batch of innovative and growing privately-owned small and medium enterprises is picked out in accordance with the standard that “Select the Best Ones among Good Enterprises and Make the Best Ones Stronger". A total of 268 enterprises were selected into the first batch of the cultivating enterprise. In the follow-up process, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and SMEs (private economy) authorities will implement list management for licensed enterprises, strengthen contacts through multiple channels, put forward various policies for training a better enterprise, strengthen corporate financing and various public services, enlarge the support strength and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.
"Technologically advanced" refers to the specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty of a company. Technologically advanced enterprises are the best among small and medium-sized enterprises. They are the pioneer enterprises that focus on market segmentation, occupy high market share, master key technologies, have strong innovation ability, own excellent quality and efficiency. Besides, owning high technology content, advanced equipment, complete management system, and strong market competitiveness are their characteristics. The award of V-SOL this time fully demonstrates the government-related department's recognization of V-SOL's technological originality, product innovation, industry leadership, market competitiveness and brand competitiveness.


V-SOL will continue to fight in the fields of optical fiber communication and wireless communication access and adheres to professional and fine routes in product development, market development and corporate management. Over the years, the capabilities of efficient and independent R&D and product customization have greatly accumulated lots of overseas customers and companies, which makes V-SOL can maximize the terminal needs of overseas operators of different sizes and rank top among the same type of foreign trade companies.
As one of the first batch of cultivating enterprises for “technologically advanced” support plan, V-SOL will continue the development model, dig deeper into the market to explore the customer needs, focus on independent R&D and technological innovation, and constantly overcome the difficulties of industrial application. In this way, V-SOL can realize creating specialized and innovative access communication terminal customized services, connecting the optical communication with wireless communication in all aspects, promoting the informatization transformation of the new generation of broadband access networks at home and abroad, and giving full play to the role of the technologically advanced enterprise in practice.

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