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2021 V-SOL Team Building Activity of R&D Center and Commerce Department

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Update time : 2021-12-21 10:56:44
On December 18th and 19th, 2021, V-SOL R&D center and the commerce department jointly organized a team building activity regarding the theme of unity, strength, challenge and win-win for stimulating the vitality of employees, enhancing team cohesion and culture construction. Activity projects were hiking on the Yingxi peak forest and rock climbing. Everyone was very happy during the travel for two days.

At 8:30 a.m. on December 18th, all members of the R&D center and the commerce department gathered at the gate of the company and set off for Yingxi by bus. They arrived at the destination at 11:30 am and it took about three hours. After enjoying a delicious lunch, everyone started the first project of team-building outdoor activity at 12.30 p.m.: hiking on the Yingxi peak forest.

Yingxi peak forest refers to the longest peak forest scenic spot in Guangdong and it is also known as "Little Guilin". Yingxi peak forest is a classic outdoor experience route. Yingxi Corridor is located in the three towns of Huanghua, Mingjing and Yanbei in the west of Yingde. It is the longest and densest peak forest in Guangdong, in which there are more than a thousand beautiful limestone peaks widely distributed. Many streams shuttle or connect just like silver ribbons.

Under the warm winter sun, the team set off happily with the blue sky and white clouds. They walked into the field of hope, where there are green hills and water. Everyone talked and laughed along the way and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy. They took a group photo at famous scenic spots, greeted to cows they met, admired the beautiful scenery along the way, shuttled the peaks and forests, deeply shocked by the landscape painting scene. Everyone freely breathed the fresh air from nature. Their body not only gets exercise, but also releases mental fatigue due to sitting in the office of the city for a long time.

After breakfast at 8 o'clock, everyone carried on the challenging project(Rock Climbing) while the sunlight was surrounded by mountains in the morning on the second day.

Rock climbing is attached to mountaineering. Climbing objects are mainly divided into rock cliffs and artificial rock walls. It is few opportunities for people to climb mountains and have more opportunities to climb cliffs which is more exciting and challenging. Rock climbing quickly spread throughout the world as an independent and popular sport among young people. The karst terrain of Yingxi which is similar to Guilin of Guangxi has formed various rock caves. These natural rock walls and caves have become gathering places for outdoor activities.

Although it was their first attempt at natural climbing, everyone was united and had great courage to take on the challenge. Eventually, most of them successfully climbed to the top. In the process of their rock climbing, the rest of the others offered advice to help them to find suitable footholds or paths and cheered for them. Everyone applauded and cheered when they reached the top by overcoming many difficulties. In the end, the flag of V-SOL flew among the mountains. They all experienced the joy from this hard climbing. It showed the cooperation spirit of "unity, strength, challenge and win-win " to the fullest by this climbing activity.

After two days, all members released their bodies and mind in the green mountains and clear rivers, which further enhanced the cohesion and vitality of the team! Everyone deeply realized the importance of calmness and teamwork through this challenging activity. They will analyze and solve problems calmly, maintain the spirit of persistence and collaboration at work, contribute themself to the development of enterprise, work together with V-SOL and become stronger when facing problems in the future.
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