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Running in Huangpu, Chasing dreams towards to the Bay -- V-SOL athletes attend Huangpu Marathon 2019

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Update time : 2019-12-23 15:54:17

On December 22, the highly anticipated 2019 Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon fired a shot at the Green Axis Plaza in Huangpu District at 8 a.m. Four academicians fired shots at the beginning, and 20,000 runners were on the most beautiful road in Guangzhou Science City, then they ran north to the Guangzhou Knowledge City. Participants of our V-SOL will also attend this event. It is very enthusiasm and lively. 



The Huangpu Marathon has different paths every year. The first year, ran towards to the core of technological innovation area. The second year, ran towards to the Huangpu Port. This year, ran towards to the Knowledge City. Since the first Huangpu Marathon in 2017, the athletes of the V-SOL have actively participated in this event every year. The participators of the V-SOL are very enjoyed the running and landscape in Huangpu.


The Marathon is starting from the Green Axis Plaza, passes through thousands of high-tech enterprises, finally arrived at Phoenix Lake. Our company V-SOL is located near the start so that we can witness this event and the development of Huangpu District.


The atmosphere of the Marathon is hot, and more than a hundred atmosphere points and refueling stations are set up. V-SOL leaders Mr. Chen and Mr. Rao led the V-SOL Cheer team to fight for athletes! Along the way, there are also special and local performances such as lion dances and dragon dances, hip-hop, rock and roll.


All of the athletes from V-SOL completed the event smoothly and safely. Long-distance running has now become a habit of us. The runners of V-SOL are actively participated in marathon events and contribute their positive energy to the company and society. V-SOL will continue to run in Huangpu and chase the dream towards to the bay area! Let's run passionately again in 2020!


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