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V-SOL Running Activity: The Journey of 2022 Begins with a Single Step

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Update time : 2022-01-07 10:25:30
With the coming of the new year, everything comes back to life. A running activity organized by the V-SOL administration department was held on the first working day of 2022. The activity was held at Creativity Building and DingXing Wisdom Valley. Members of V-SOL expressed their better pursuit for the new year and goals by running. 
Everyone warmed up with a cheerful rhythm to prepare for running before starting. It set off in batches according to speed. They walked, jogged orderly and firmly along Shiling Park or Creativity Building for the goal. With the road extending under feet, caressing breezes by ears and free sweat, they started a hearty and healthy running by vigorous and brisk steps in 2022. 
At the same time, the staff set up an energy replenishment station to prepare nutritious fruits, drinks or others for members who participated in this activity. Everyone can freely choose according to their needs.
New Year running has gradually become a traditional activity of V-SOL, in which they surpassed each other and enjoyed the fun. Everyone was filled with youthful smiles that fully showed the positive and indomitable spirit of the V-SOL family. 

In 2022, V-SOL members will continue to work hard with firm confidence and pace to make progress. They will create a new era in the struggle towards the new journey of high-quality development with a new spirit and enthusiasm.
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