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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival-also September & October employee birthday party

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Update time : 2020-09-28 15:32:01
Bright moon hang high the sky, families are united together
Stars are sparse and far away, here coming the best day
The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival coincides together
To thank the employees for their hard work
V-SOL specially organized a Mid-Autumn Festival theme employee birthday party
Before the birthday party,
with everyone's cheerful applause,
chairman of V-SOL Labor Union Mr Jiang sends blessings to all V-SOL family members,
hope that everyone in this warm family work actively and enthusiastically to create a better future for V-SOL.
[Birthday party]
Cozy scene
Exquisite pastries
Well-arranged birthday party venue
Let us gather together with families sweetly during the National holidays and Mid-Autumn Festival.
Sing a birthday song
Birthday girls/boys make good wishes
Send pious blessings to each other
Those smiling faces that greet you
Are worth remembering
【guess lantern riddles】
Mid-autumn festival together
The moon is round and the family is reunited
Guess the riddles to win prizes
A pair of happy and excited eyes
Shining with wisdom
Everyone is actively rushing to answer
Everyone is in high spirits and actively participate

[DIY Lantern Contest]
Every unique DIY lantern
Colorful and dazzling hanging
There is a joyous atmosphere everywhere
20 audience members voted on site
The works of three contestants stand out from many competitions
He Jing from sales Center won the first place
Liang Shixuan, from R&D center, won second place
Ivy Yan from sales center ranked third
In the big family of V-SOL, we experienced a lot of happiness, and at the same time, we are here work together and grow together. Thanks for the joy and touch the company brings to us! Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day! With the effort of the whole V-SOL family, I believe that V-SOL will continue shining like a diamond in the coming years!
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