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Nokia optical fronthaul for China Unicom 5G in 2019

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Update time : 2019-07-18 17:01:57

China Unicom has chosen Nokia’s optical fronthaul solution to power 4G and 5G networks being deployed in Beijing. The deal supports the Chinese operator’s ambitious commitment to deliver 5G in the 2019 timeframe. Part of the Nokia end-to-end 5G portfolio, the solution will be used to accelerate the deployment of 4G and 5G base stations and reduce operational costs.

According to the Finland-headquartered supplier, in order to meet its 2019 5G goals, China Unicom requires a robust fronthaul solution that will speed deployment of 4G/5G radios, and simplify the installation and management of the network. The Nokia 1830 Versatile WDM Module (VWM) provides multiservice WDM optical transport, and is suitable for meeting the performance needs of advanced 4G and 5G fronthaul in cloud RAN architectures. In addition to its cost of operation and integrated backhaul to fronthaul management system, the Nokia 1830 VWM offers low latency and jitter performance, and what is billed as precise synchronisation between cell sites.

“We share China Unicom’s vision and commitment to creating this world-leading 5G service for its customers,” said Gao Bo, Head of the China Unicom CBT at Nokia Shanghai Bell (pictured). “The Nokia Anyhaul solutions are a key element in faster network deployment, simpler management and lower operational costs. The optical fronthaul solution will be key to providing top notch performance for China Unicom’s 4G/5G subscribers.”

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