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V-SOL's Team Development of New Employees on Changzhou Island

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Update time : 2019-07-08 18:13:41

In order to enhance inspiration and solidarity of new employees regarding team spirit. V-SOL organized a 2-day team development training activity at the Jinying Training Base on Changzhou Island. As a new employee, I felt honored to have this opportunity to walk side by side with my colleagues hence realize the deep strength of teamwork.


Changzhou island Training Base is adjacent to Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center.Reupted as newest, most complete and largest professional base in Guangzhou, it is featured with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Surrounded with rich historical and cultural resources, such as the Huangpu Military Academy, Changzhou fort, and the magnificent natural resources, it enables more than 100 people to participate in the field, rock climbing, water sports, bonfire party and other team development training activities.A getaway from distraction like this will help us experience team spirit more deeply.

In the early morning of July 6, 2019, we left for the training base. During the 2-day outdoor activities, the various projects moved and inspired us profoundly:


The Magical Brush

The 41 new recruits were divided into three teams. The coach asked all the team members to pull up the end of the rope.Without touching the brush, each team had to write down V-SOL core values: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Responsibility, Cooperation. This requires a high degree of collaboration among each other. Every stroke needs to be directed toward the same goal and with equal intensity.
At first, due to the uneven force, the teams could not finish the calligraphy completely and uniformly. However, under the leadership of the team leaders, as well as the positive communication between the team members, we finally did excellent completion of the task.Then fully came to realize the perfect implementation of the spirit.


Writing with the same pen requires a high degree of teamwork and coordination, as well as the focus and patience of each member. The same is true in daily work. Such training project enlightened us with the importance of teamwork,responsibility and mission.


High-altitude challenge project

High-altitude challenge project impressed me the most during the two-day training.It was divided into three categories: rock climbing, single-plank bridge and leap, all of which were carried out at an altitude of 12m above the ground. This was a great opportunity for new recruits who rarely had the opportunity to play extreme sports. Everyone took precautions then climbed to the top so as to complete the seemingly impossible task. I had a slight fear of heights. While waiting for the climb, I wondered: "Can I reach the top?" "What if I fall off?" However, as soon as you put on your armor and climb the first rock, all doubt was shattered by the encouragement and inspiration of my peers. "Believe in yourself, you are the best!" "Don't worry, we'll protect you from below!" Suddenly, I felt more confident and deeply felt the centripetal force and cohesion of the team. Every step I took became solid and powerful because of the protection of my companions. Finally,everyone scaled new heights and overcame their own fear.


Graduation Wall

The Graduation Wall was the last project and the ultimate challenge to fully interpret team spirit. 4 meters high wall seemed to be an unsurmountable obstacle for all teammates without any external help.It may seem impossible, but we managed to overcome it in the end. Completed in 6 minutes and 36 seconds,it witnessed to cohesion of blood and tear of all 41 V-SOL members. The selfless dedication of the member who was willing to act us ladder, the close protection of each other and the waving of the flag of the two leaders were the key to our successful completion of the challenge.Imagine if there was no one who got the courage to step out and act us the ladder for others to step on,even if getting hurt,this was definetely  an impossible task;Imagine, if there were not the protection supported by the hands of whole team,we wouldn't able to accomplish the task. Everyone pulled together and unite as one,this long - lost moved blurred everyone's eyes


Undergoing these projects helped all of these recruits constantly experience self-reflection,as how to apply the attained experiences here to daily work and life. We creatively surmounted one difficulty after another, with firm perseverance and rock-firm team spirit. In the face of difficulties,we implemented the core moral values of our spirit and quality. Through this activity, V-SOL family strengthened the team building,in the epitomization of sense of teamwork by positive team communication and clear recognition of responsibility and mission to the enterprise. Our personal potential was also deeply aroused, which not only gave me a lifetime unforgettable experience, but also a valuable spiritual wealth! I believe that 41 new recruits will be capable of utilize what they gained into the future work as to dig their own potential and dedicated thoroughlly for the company's distribution!

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