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V-SOL Tech Launched "Lei Feng Yue" Activity To Show Carefulness For The Elderly

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Update time : 2021-03-23 17:34:45

March, a month full of love and significance. Everything wakes up and comes back. In order to learn to Lei Feng, Chinese hero who was willing to help others and make contributions, Part of V-SOL Tech’s staffs volunteered to visit to the elderly in Luogang Welfare Institute on the morning of March 20th. They carried out this solicitude activity named "March, A Month Full Of Love, Time To Greet To The Elderly" for the elderly, and various of practical daily necessities and fruits met the needs of the elderly.


"Due to the special period of the epidemic, We Luogang Welfare Institute has been under closed management for a long time. The elderly rarely contact external things and people, and relatively they feel lonely. After gradually opening visits, the elderly, together with our staffs, all of us feel so happy to see everyone coming." The host of this Welfare Institute told volunteers. In the process of activity, volunteers of V-SOL Tech sent cakes and distributed gifts to the elderly, and everyone looked happy.


Sweet volunteers! They friendly surrounded with and carefully greeted to the elderly. A volunteer called Huimin, Jiang, who is from V-SOL Tech’s sales center, sang a song named “How Much Sorrow And Pray Can A Person Carry” for the elderly. Everyone patted the rhythm with their hands and listened carefully. After that, all volunteers of V-SOL Tech gathered and sang the song named “The Moon Represents My Heart”. The elderly were intoxicated in the voice and singing, happy and moved. All of these warmed everyone's heart, pleasant and sweet.


We can be a “Lei Feng” at any time, and we can help others and make contributions at any time. We do believe what V-SOL’s volunteers did in this activities can comfort and warm the elderly. Today is a good day, and it will always be a good day. Let’s relay our kindness hand in hand. Let’s pass on the spirit of Lei Feng!

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