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New Product | Layer 2 Switch: Support Different modes Adjustment!

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Update time : 2023-01-31 17:59:36

Designed for security surveillance networks, V-SOL releases 3 series of Layer 2 switches with or without PoE, including V10XX(PoE), V11XX(UnPoE), and V11XX(PoE) series switch. Different series include switches with different parameters of ports, which can meet users' various demands in different applications.


As shown below, here are three series of switches.


Part I. Product Introduction


1. V10XX(PoE) Series Switch


2. V11XX(UnPoE) Series Switch


3. V11XX(PoE) Series Switch


So, what can these switches bring to you? Now let's start!


Part II. Features and functions


● Layer 2 Ethernet switch

All these switches are Layer 2 Ethernet switch. Layer 2 Ethernet switch works on the second layer of the data link layer. It's capable of identifying the MAC address of the data frame, transmitting according to MAC address and recording these MAC addresses and corresponding ports into the inside addresses table. Compared with Layer 3 Ethernet switch, Layer 2 switch is more convenient and cheaper.


● PoE Swtich

It's evident that V10XX(PoE) and V11XX(PoE) series switches support PoE(Power over Ethernet). They can supply power to terminal devices, making your connection more flexible, reliable, and cost-effective.


● Three flexible modes

VLAN mode: Port isolation. 1-24 ports are isolated from each other. All communicate with uplink port 25/26.

Default mode: All ports can communicate with each other.

Extend mode: 9-24 ports supply data and the distance can be extended to 250 meters. The transmission rate becomes 10M.


● Switches' capacity of thunderproof and static-free protection


Part III. Application of Layer 2 Switch


These three series of switches can be connected to IP cameras, wireless AP, internal voice call, IP phones, NVR, etc in many scenarios such as enterprise, school, highway, or other public areas. The PoE switches can not only transmit data but also supply power.


Example 1:


Example 2:

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