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Summer's Day, Happy Birthday

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Update time : 2022-06-01 17:44:46
On the day of the summer, everything is in bloom. At the time of spring and summer iteration and the slight aftertaste, the March-May birthday party for employees arrived as promised. We wish our birthday celebrants a happy and peaceful birthday and hope that we can reap the "fullness" of life this summer and embrace the "just right" happiness. 
At the birthday party, the company prepared beautiful birthday cards, delicious food, and practical birthday gifts for the 33 birthday celebrants to transmit our blessings and expectations. A small birthday card not only expressed sincere wishes, but also an appreciation for the hard work of the company. A table of delicious food shows not only the pleasure of the birthday but also the warm and lively atmosphere of the company. A heartfelt birthday gift is not only a warm heart but also the company's unfailing care for the family members.
At the event, we also invited the Chairman of the Trade Union, Mr. Jiang, to send good wishes and encouragement to everyone. Mr. Jiang's simple words were like a cheering station, replenishing the energy of the family members who hold on to their dreams and are diligent in their endeavors, knowing that they are not just alone on the way to strive for success, but also accompanied by the family members of V-SOL.
"When spring meets winter, there are years; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when man meets man, there is life." We come from all over the world, and it is our destiny to meet here. The birthday celebrants received their birthday cards and made their wishes under the candlelight, next to their best friends, and with the birthday song sung by all. May all the wishes of the birthday celebrants grow like saplings and become big trees that can take deep roots, weather the storm and reach for the sunshine.
A birthday party is a temporary event, but the wishes for the birthday person are perennial. Through various activities, we hope to create a warm and cozy working atmosphere for our family members, a sense of belonging and happiness like a weary bird returning to the forest and a fish hovering in the shallows, and to make the V-SOL family more potent and comfortable. We hope that in the future, each of our family members can collectively take V-SOL to a higher level.​​
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