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V-Solution was Granted 7 National Invention Patents

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Update time : 2021-07-02 08:32:28
Recently, V-Solution has made great achievements in intellectual property work! In the first half of 2021, V-Solution has obtained 6 invention patents granted by China National Intellectual Property Administration, which are as follows:

“Methods for ONU to Adapt to Different OLTS”, “Intelligent Watchdog Circuit System of OLT Device”, “A Device and Method for Transcoding of 8B/10B Code and 64b/66b Code”, “An Optic Power Enhancement Device and Method for Forced Shutdown of Abnormal Optic Fiber Terminal”, “Automatic Configuration Management Method of ONU”, “I2C Switching Method of PON Module Based on CPLD”, “An Ethernet Interface Link Aggregation Method, Electronic Device and Storage Medium”.

The above-authorized invention patents are the important technical weapons of V-Solution in the field of wired broadband access system, as well as the important technical achievements to guarantee independent research and innovation. This means that the intellectual property work of V-Solution has stepped onto a new stage! Up to now, the company still has 44 patents in the state of acceptance, including 26 invention patents. In the future, V-Solution will continue to focus on technological breakthrough, improve the ability of scientific research and innovation, and strive to promote the strategic layout of intellectual property, thus enhancing the soft power of the company.

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