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Fighting the epidemic, VSOL in action

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Update time : 2021-06-17 08:40:43
[A Different Kind of Birthday Party]
At the end of May, the epidemic spread to the whole city of Guangzhou
In order to prevent and control the epidemic and protect the health and safety of employees
Actively respond to the national "no gathering" call
The company innovated a "special birthday party" in a special period
Sending good wishes to the birthday stars who had their birthdays in May and June

Afternoon tea birthday party carefully prepared
Sending blessings to the post
Sending greeting cards to each birthday girl
Warm feelings flowed between everyone's heart
We all felt the love and affection from Xinde family.

The deep love is not as long as the companionship, the love needs no more words
The birthday celebrants expressed their understanding of the special time
Tasting the delicious cakes
With happy smiles on their faces
Every birthday party held
Each birthday party carries the most sincere blessings of Xinde to our family members

Fortunately, because of you
We stand by each other
Make the home more beautiful
I am grateful because of you
We overcome the difficulties together
Let the road go farther

In the face of the sudden epidemic
CoreTech family members actively participate in the front line of epidemic prevention
Join hands with one heart and one mind
Interpret the spirit of volunteerism with physical actions
Showing responsibility with practical action
For the epidemic prevention and control work to give a love, add a modest contribution

We will not slacken in our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic
I believe that in the face of the complex and changing situation of the epidemic
Scientific prevention and control, multiple support, and cohesion of people
Winning the "battle" is just around the corner!
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