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V-SOL And Guangzhou Modern Information Engineering College Holding The School-Enterprise Cooperation

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Update time : 2019-07-03 17:18:22

The morning of July 2, 2019The VSOL factory warmly welcomes Mrs. Hou Yaling,  Mr. Cheng Jialong and Mr. Ye Jianhao from Modern Information Engineering College  to attend the Signing Ceremony about  the School-Enterprise Cooperation .


Mr. Deng is Deputy general of VSOL  and director of production center, and Xu Yunju, who is assistant personnel officer, they warmly welcomed the visiting teachers and others. The visiting teacher visited the working environment of the employees and the production workshop of the company,  What more, Mr. Deng also introduced the company


Ms. Hou Yaling, the head of the Department of VSOL, had a detailed understanding of the job responsibilities, salaries and promotion mechanism of the students during their internship in VSOL. VSOL and the school reached a desire to further cooperate and signed a cooperation agreement. The representative of the school's intern teachers awarded the plaque of "internship training base" to VSOL.


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