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V-SOL Key Employees' Trip to Krast Danxia Mountain and Nanhua Temple

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Update time : 2021-11-25 10:55:59
It's cool and refreshing in Guangdong (especially the northern Guangdong) in November, which is the best timing to climb the Danxia Mountain and visit the Nanhua Temple. In order to enhance the communication among key employees, improve the team cohesion, get staff relaxed from the busy work and closed to nature, V-SOL organized a 2-day trip from Nov. 20 to 21.
On the morning of November 20, all key employees set off happily. After 4 hours' drive, the team reached Danxia Mountain. Danxia Mountain, also known as China Red Stone Park, is ranked as World Geopark, World Heritage Nominated Site, World Natural Heritage, National AAAAA Scenic Area, National Nature Reserve, and National Geopark.
It is the largest and most beautiful scenic area and natural heritage site with most areas of Danxia Landform in Guangdong Province. Moreover, the Danxia landform is comparable to the world-famous karst landform. Together with Dinghu Mountain, Luofu Mountain and Xiqiao Mountain, they are collectively known as the four famous mountains in Guangdong.  
This time, everyone mainly visited the scenic spot of Elder Peak. Along the way, there is not only the unique natural scenery of the Danxia landform but also the rich historical and cultural heritage. The staff marched forward in teams. Sometimes they bravely climbed the peak at one fling or took the ropeway through the colorful forests and lingered among the mountains and rivers. Laughing and talking, everyone had a great time. It's so frightening when walking on the steep cliffs. However, all people were attracted by the rolling mountains surrounded by the seas of clouds. They took a group photo together to mark the occasion.
In spite of climbing the mountain in the trip, everyone did not feel tired. All people walked together, fully demonstrating the team spirit of unity, friendship, mutual help and mutual assistance. The key employees from different departments also talked about the work insights and gains during the past year with each other, which promoted the relationships between colleagues.
As night falls, the team had a rest after dinner. Then, they came to the hot spring pool surrounded by clouds and mist, taking a bath in the hot spring in the patter of rain and relieving fatigue. All people got relaxed and enjoyed themselves.
The next morning, the team came to the Nanhua Temple, known as the "first treasure temple in Eastern Guangdong". With red brick walls, glazed tiles, and unique oriental roof decorations, the magnificent temple demonstrates extensive and profound Buddhist laws and national history. Under the explanation of the tour guide, the staff learned about the history of Nanhua Temple, the origin of the Six Patriarchs, and many allusions and verses about Buddhism.
The team wandered in the temple, walked under the bodhi tree and old trees, cleaned the hands by Six Zu Spring, visited the towers, corridors and monuments, and watched the turtles and fish released by the pilgrims in the courtyard. They immersed themselves in the tranquility and Zen spirit.

The trip came to a happy ending. While completely relaxed, the key employees learned deeply about the importance of teamwork and unity through the persistence of climbing the mountains and team activities during the tour. In the future, the team will work harder, develop perseverance and team spirit, and make efforts to build a better company. It's believed that more and more outstanding talents will join the team, work together and strive for the world to fully access the network.
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