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Summary and Recognition Conference and Dinner in 2018:New Beginning,VSOL Journey

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Update time : 2019-01-30 14:41:16
The annual meeting of Guangzhou V-Solution Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd.  was solemnly held on 26th, January. 2019. Executive Vice-President Mr. Rao Dongsheng, , presided over the annual meeting with the theme of ""New Beginning, VSOL Journey".
meeting venue
Following the chorus, chairman of the board Mr. Chen Chunming, delivered a speech.  Mr. Chen recalled the extraordinary year of 2018. Under the changing international situation, VSOL was still flying against the market and its performance increased, creating another miracle of VSOL. Mr. Chen used five keynote speeches, i.e.'Chengyi, Deep Farming and Careful Work','Keeping Honesty, Defending Brand','Team Stability, Continuous Progress','Making hot selling models, Firmly Differentiating Strategy', and'Curing Bones and Toxics, Creating Resplendor', to inspire VSOL's family to start afresh and create resplendence.

 The chairman gave a speech at the meeting
The leaders of each department came to the stage to give lectures on the work of the department. Sales Director Mr. Zhang's speech was full of passion.;R&D Director Mr. Rao's PPT,   innovating and catches everyone's attention.;The production and manufacturing center Directer Mr. Deng's speech is rich in content.  After the excellent reports , Chairman Mr. Chen made a summary of the company's annual work. In his summary, Mr. Chen reviews the brilliant sales performance achieved in 2018 and affirms the positive efforts of all core staff. After reviewing the two three-year work plans that have been completed, Mr. Chen looks forward to the new third three-year plan and the work objectives for 2019, encouraging everyone to roll up their sleeves and work hard to set goals and achieve them.
The person in charge of the sales center gave a speech at the meeting
The person in charge of the R&D center gave a speech at the meeting
The person in charge of the manufacturing center gave a speech at the meeting
 Next, General Manager Li introduced the company and its product solutions. Mr. Li's  explanation made all VSOL employees know for the first time a new product field created by the new company. We look forward to a good start for VSOL in financing cooperation in 2019.
General Manager Li introduced the company and its product solutions
  The final awarding link of the annual meeting and the appointment and oath of cadres make the annual meeting a climax! Award-winning VSOL excellent staff, outstanding cadres won the applause of all VSOL employees! The appointed VSOL cadres solemnly pledge to let the VSOL staff remember the hard journey of VSOL's entrepreneurship in the past 12 years and their original intention, as well as their ideals and mission!
Group photo of outstanding employees in the manufacturing center
Before the end of the annual meeting, the elites of sales and R&D solemnly carried out the reading ceremony of the military warrant of the performance target in 2019, expressing their determination to accomplish the task in 2019.
Sales center military order photo
R&D center military order photo
Mr. Chen, thanked all the suppliers, partners and customers of the company, all the staff and family members, and invited guests. Everyone gathers together happily and happily; the program of the dinner is wonderful. Everyone has dinner together. Looking back on the glorious past, grasping the present and looking forward to a better future.
Leaders toasting for the annual meeting
 Summary and Recognition Conference and Dinner in 2018:New Beginning,VSOL Journey
The host of the party hosted the show

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