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China Telecom Released 2018 Device Strategy: Investment Will Increase by 33%

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Update time : 2018-02-03 15:13:00

On January 25th, China Telecom Terminal Alliance (CTTA) 9th general meeting was held in Beijing.

China Telecom and representatives of 240 cooperators including mobile phone vendors, chip manufacturers, IoT companies, pan-smart device manufacturers, solution providers, channel operators and others attended the meeting. In addition to reviewing the achievements made in 2017, it also made a prospect for the development of smart devices in 2018, the smart device market which is over CNY 100-billion also made the industry chain full of expectations.


At the meeting, general manager of China Telecom Marketing Department Wang Guoquan released the 2018 device strategy.

Wang Guoquan said that China Telecom will continue to drive the industry growth in 2018, with 33% increase of investment than 2017. Specifically, the amount of reward for all-network mobile phones is CNY 3 billion, while reward for star mobile phones is CNY 400 million, the other rewards include CNY 1 billion for channel providers, CNY 400 million for online channels, CNY 200 million for pan-smart device manufacturers and CNY 300 million for IoT companies. China Telecom plans to sell 180 million all-network mobile phones in 2018, as well as 100 million pan-smart devices and 60 million IoT devices.

At the same time, China Telecom will comprehensively launch 3.0 devices of  all-network version. Through standard upgrading, rewards and sales promoting, China Telecom will promote development of all-network mobile phones with its partners. The industry predicts that the sales of all-network dual SIM card devices will exceed 400 million in 2018. While building comprehensive network advantages, China Telecom will actively enhance its service capability, creating smart channels and channel ecology.

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