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China Mobile: The SA Mode of 5G Terminal Must be Realized Until the next January 1st

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Update time : 2019-07-03 17:43:49
Yang Jie, the chairman of China Mobile expressed that, they are still hesitating about the 5G technology. Although China Mobile has just released the 5G+ plan to build up fifty thousand of 5G base stations across 50 cities, they still feel a bit nervous, as most of the 5G stations of this year are based on NSA mode. To give full play to 5G, SA is definitely the targeted architecture network, so we hope to realize SA mode as early as possible. The Chinese government also makes it clear that until the next January 1st, the 5G terminal must realize the SA mode. By that time, the NSA cell phone is inaccessible to the network. Hence, we hope to further promote technological development to realize the mature technology. Except for SA and NSA, we also hope to accelerate the advance speed of the whole industrial chain, to furthest reduce the architecture cost of 5G technology.  
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