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Be modest and prudent for building VSOL famous brand.

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Update time : 2020-08-10 17:02:08

On Aug. 8, 2020, the 11th Backbone Meeting of VSOL was held in Lingnan Jiayuan Resort Hotel under the theme “ Endure hardships to accomplish the ambition of high quality development; be modest and prudent to build VSOL famous brand.” The total attendee is 68 including 66 key staff and 2 invited guests.

After sang the anthem of company, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Chen gave an opening speech. Mr. Chen shared and recited the 3rd part of the book “The Scroll Marked” around the theme of this backbone meeting, which made all key staff know further about the principle of “Constant dripping wears the stone, persevere and you'll succeed.” 


Company development needs new blood, 13 employee were selected to become VSOL new key staff, they were awarded certificate of honor during the meeting. These new blood will bring new energy to create new miracle to the company together with all VSOL staff .


After short break, 10 key staff who just finished the training of “Team Fission”, they did morale display to show their sense of identity, sense of responsibility and sense of glory, to increase their cohesiveness and combat effectiveness.

In the afternoon, 3 teams from Manufacturing Center, R&D Center and Sales Center displayed their creative and meaningful programs respectively. But the team of R&D Center did the best, their actions are more uniform, the theme of their program is more creative, the most important is their ending slogan “soar up into the sky with one start” which is the highlights of the meeting. Finally, the team named CREATION from R&D Center won the first place.

Brainstorm ideas for better development, concentrate the mind on future. During the meeting, all key staff divided into five groups to discuss the plan of each department for the second half year. After discussion, each group selected and appointed a delegate to explain the topics and solutions to all the other attendees in details. Then the head of each department will be responsible to promote and realize the solutions.

In the end of the meeting, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Chen made a summary and he restated the theme of this meeting “ Endure hardships to accomplish the ambition of high quality development. Be modest and prudent for building VSOL famous brand.” Mr. Chen also clearly put forwarded the general policy for the 2nd half year of 2020 “Guarantee the delivery, stabilize the products, release new products, build VSOL brand and seek more reform”. He encouraged all key staff work harder according to this general policy, be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness to accomplish the higher target for the 2nd half year.

In the dinner party, all staff are happy with eating, drinking and singing. Mr. Chen sang his favorite song “Working Hard Can Be Win” which won the most applause. After the dinner party, some of them got together again for BBQ. They enjoyed BBQ, drank beer and talked about the funny things. Happiness reflected through their smiling faces.

The 2nd day, all people went to the Lotus Mountain for pleasure. This place is one of the holy land of buddhism, where stands a Gilded Guanyin Bodhisattva. 

People pray for blessings, for health and for our better future. Through this backbone meeting and the tour of Lotus Mountain, sincerely wish all staff and families of VSOL be more healthy, work more smoothly, and wish VSOL business will be more and more prosperous!

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