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Birthday Party for V-SOL’s Staffs

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Update time : 2020-07-01 13:34:07
There is always a special day in V-SOLUTION.
That is a special celebration for the birthday families.
A simply "Happy Birthday!" warms the heart even than words of compliment.

On June 30,
the site was carefully decorated with slogans, greeting cards and rich delicacy.
To express gratitude to the birthday members for their contribution to the V-SOL.

Accompanied by the familiar birthday song,
the birthday people made wishes in front of the cake.
Their names were put on the cake.
There were continuous applause,laughter,cheers.
The atmosphere reached a climax

Everyone shared delicate refreshments together,
 talking about work and life to share the joy of the birthday.
It was a blink of an eye but warm.
Cheers and laughter continuously lingered around.
A simple and warm collective birthday party makes employees feel special care from the company, which is V-SOL's recognition of V-SOL families' long-term hard work.A gather enriched V-SOL families' cultural life and enhanced everyone's sense of belonging!
Happy birthday to them again! The future of V-SOL will shine better!
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