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V-SOLUTION HG5000 6th generation wireless WiFi (802.11ax) performance test reached the mainstream level of the industry

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Update time : 2021-09-10 16:25:44

Recently, V-SOLUTION cooperates with Spirent Communications to complete the sixth generation WiFi performance test of V-SOLUTION HG5000. Test results: 2*2 160Mhz connection rate 2.4Gbps, measured 1518-byte concurrent throughput reached 2Gbps; 2*2 80Mhz connection rate 1.2Gbps, measured 1518-byte concurrent throughput reached 1Gbps, all test results are in line with the current mainstream WiFi6 performance indicators.


With the vigorous development of online education, high-definition video, cloud, and smart home, the demand for fixed-line home bandwidth has increased dramatically. Whether it can meet the needs of high bandwidth, low latency, and multiple services has become the core competitiveness of broadband access network equipment. V-SOLUTION has been focusing on PON access networks for 15 years, and the number of terminals in the network has exceeded 10 million. It is one of the few communication technology companies in the world that has a full system product line of PON access network. This test fully verified the processing capability of HG5000's 6th generation wireless WiFi and set a new vane for the PON access network home terminal to fully enter the WiFi6 era.
Spirent Testcenter is the world's leading network test system, which can simulate high-speed, wired/wireless access, multiple service data streams, and other application scenarios. The excellent performance in this test process provided strong support for various required high-standard performance tests.


The cooperation between V-SOLUTION and Spirent Communications has further fully verified the functions and performance of V-SOLUTIONs PON network access products, enhanced the international competitiveness of products, and maintained its leading position in the field of PON access technology, in order to achieve a comprehensive world access. Join the network and work hard!

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