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V-Solution's 4th R&D Center Apprenticeship Meeting

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Update time : 2021-08-20 13:54:09
The ancient Han Yu said: “Ancient scholars must have a teacher. Teachers, so preaching and learning to solve puzzles.” The teaching culture has a long history. In this enthusiastic August, V-Solution Technology ushered in the fourth R&D center apprenticeship.
They are the favorites of various colleges and universities. They come from all over the world and joined the big family of V-Solution for their dreams.
They have gone through layers of selection and assessment, and not only have rich industry experience and R&D capabilities, but they are also outstanding scientific and technological elites who are serious and responsible in their work and dedicated to their jobs.
On the afternoon of August 13, 16 energetic R&D newcomers and their masters, witnessed by all their families in the R&D center, completed a solemn apprenticeship ceremony and formally established a master-apprentice relationship, embarking on a new journey and writing a better chapter in the future!
The apprentices lined up with their heads up tall, their tidy steps and loud slogans, and they entered the arena vigorously. Under the leadership of the team leader, the apprentices moved uniformly and began to demonstrate their morale. During the exhibition, I saw everyone put together two stars, which means that the students of V-Solution have double "stars" in virtue and art, and they have created a new height of "core"! Everyone will walk along the way to improve the R&D level of V-Solution together.
The apprenticeship ceremony began. In order to express their most sincere thoughts, the apprentices respectfully presented the apprentice posts to the master, and the master replies. After the master and apprentice exchanged posts, the apprentices worshipped the teacher’s tea with both hands, and solemnly shouted: "Master, please have tea!" A cup of fragrant tea respected the teacher, and presented the apprentice’s respect and expectation; the master smiled and sipped it and drank it. The next thing is responsibility and accountability. The ceremony of apprenticeship and apprenticeship full of ceremonies revealed a solemn and solemn atmosphere, making everyone present feel the continuation of the hand-to-heart.
At the apprenticeship meeting, Chairman Chen and General Manager Rao of the R&D Center shared their first-time experience in the workplace and eagerly hope that all apprentices can be down-to-earth, open-mindedly ask for advice, clarify goals, and diligently accumulate, so as to achieve a successful transition from a student to an elite in the workplace. Good companies can continue to inherit and surpass, and excellent masters can help newcomers quickly grow into team backbones. I hope that in the future work, masters and apprentices must have firm and clear goals, never give up, and have the ability to cooperate and work together. The spirit of unity and cooperation requires perseverance in learning and being good at thinking. At the same time, the R&D center will also increase investment in scientific and technological talents, continue to develop R&D and production, and strive to become the "Elvis" in the field of communication access!
Teacher, preaching and teaching career; disciple, diligent study and practice. Inheritance and inheritance can make the company stronger. We believe that under the care of the company’s leaders, the instructors of the masters, and the self-efforts of the apprentices, all Xinde’s family members adhere to the company’s "second entrepreneurship, starting from the heart". Spirit, not forgetting the original intention, will surely create a more brilliant tomorrow for Xinde!
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