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[2022]Happy Birthday to V-SOL Staff born in June and July

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Update time : 2022-08-05 15:56:30
The Major Heat is here and summer is thicker. The June-July birthday party is held on the “dog days”. We wish our birthday celebrants all the best. May they find their rhythm in the summer season and have a cool and refreshing state of mind, so that they can be at ease and relaxed every day.
Amid the summer heat, the birthday party kept everyone cools and at ease. Ice-cold watermelon, cold drinks, sweet cakes, and exquisite delicacies were served to relieve the heat and fatigue. The Chairman of the Trade Union, Mr. Jiang, wished the birthday celebrants all the best. The simple words of blessing and encouragement also brought a refreshing coolness.
"The Major Heat is here, and everything is in full bloom." The summer is hot but beautiful. Everything is competing for its own time, displaying the colorfulness and variety of life. With warm greeting cards, happy songs, and charming gifts, we wish our birthday celebrants will also compete for their own time, displaying the infinite possibilities and colors of life.
The happiness and satisfaction became unforgettable memories for our birthday celebrants. Once again, we wish our celebrants a happy birthday and a dream come true. V-SOL will continue to grow together with you, let's meet for the next birthday party!
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