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[2022]Happy Birthday to V-SOL Staff born in August

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Update time : 2022-09-07 16:19:45
As autumn approaches in August, the beauty continues. With a unique and meaningful birthday party, V-SOL celebrated the important moments in the lives of August's birthday celebrants.
The venue was beautifully decorated with birthday cards and practical gifts, and the food and drinks were plentiful and tempting. All the details were full of warmth and happiness. The birthday celebrants ate and chatted freely and were overwhelmed with joy. We wish all the birthday celebrants in August the best of luck and hope that all their dreams will come true.
August is also the birthday month of Welming Chen, Chairman and General Manager of V-SOL. Mr. Chen is not only a leader who helps us, but also a like-minded person who shares the same vision. We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Chen a very happy birthday and a happy, healthy and carefree life.
At the birthday party, Jiang Xiaomin, Vice General Manager of V-SOL and Chairman of the Labor Union, gave his blessings to Mr. Chen and the birthday celebrants in August. He said, "We had a birthday party on a soothing day, and I would like to wish the birthday celebrants for August a happy birthday, and also wish Mr. Chen a happy birthday. Time flies and the fourth quarter is approaching, so I hope we can continue to work hard, put in our best efforts and work together for our goals to successfully reach the other side."
As the representative of the birthday celebrants, Rao Dongsheng, Executive Vice President of V-SOL said, "Our birthday celebrants is certainly more than just a happy birthday, be happy every day, also please enjoy the joy of food and delight in receiving the heartfelt wishes of V-SOL members."
The years are never ending and the seasons are changing. Every birthday is marked with the wheel of time. 2022 is already half over, and we hope that in the coming time, under the leadership of Mr. Chen, we will maintain our determination, vigor and perseverance. V-SOL will definitely concentrate its efforts on attacking and creating a new high!
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