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Continuous Call for Entries! Come and enter to win prizes!

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Update time : 2022-10-28 15:26:09
The "V-SOL & Me" contest is open for submissions until November 20, 2012, so you can share your articles, photos or videos with us.
We will select some submissions to share
and select the first, second and third prizes,
giving them an e-certificate and a surprise gift.

You can win up to $400 worth of prizes!
Please email your entries with the subject line
V-SOL & Me + "Title of Entry" + text/picture/video + name + contact details
so that we can check your email.
We hope that these works will drive the IoT
and move us forward.
1. Text
Submissions can be in a variety of genres such as poetry, prose, stories, etc. You can also express your love for the product or give your opinions or suggestions on the product.
2. Pictures
You can use the material in the gallery ( to design products as you like, and you can also or submit photos related to V-SOL. Single and group photos are allowed, and the number of group photos should not exceed 5 (including 5). The content of the pictures should be clear and should be accompanied by a brief description. Appropriate post-processing (e.g. appropriate adjustment of brightness, contrast, color saturation, etc.) is allowed, but no watermarks, corner labels, logos or advertisements.
3. Videos
The submitted video should be clear and stable, with natural colors and no obvious noise, in MP4 file format, and should be accompanied by a brief description. The video can be edited (with subtitles, dubbing, etc., with the narration sound matching the background music and background music effects, and the sound and picture should be synchronized), without watermarks, corner labels, logos or advertisements.
Activity instructions
1. The submitted works must be original and not plagiarised, and all information submitted must be true and legal.
2. Contributors should confirm that they own the complete copyright of their works. All disputes arising from portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyright and trademark rights in the submitted works shall be the legal responsibility of the creator and the contributor, and V-SOL shall not be held responsible.
3. Once submitted, all submitted works are deemed to agree that V-SOL has the right to publish, broadcast, research, publish, style and promote the awards, etc., without infringement or leakage of confidentiality.
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