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V-SOL: 2021 Training for Middle and Grass-Roots Managers was Finished Successfully

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Update time : 2021-11-22 14:30:15

 On Nov. 17, 2021, the review meeting of V-SOL’s training for middle and grass-roots managers was held in the company. The chairman and general manager Chen Chunming, Deputy general manager Yang Bing, HR manager Shen Zequan, as well as over 20 managers and associate trainees attended the meeting.


In order to cultivate and reserve cooperate managers and maintain the cooperate’s sustainable development, V-SOL organized the training for the middle and grass-roots managers this year. With the aim of strengthening the comprehensive capability and applying the knowledge into practice, 3 related courses and corresponding activities were arranged from September to November.

At the opening ceremony on Sept. 4, Mr. Chen put forward 3 expectations regarding the current development needs of the company and the managers:

1. Stop to improve yourselves and continue to lead the team to reach new heights.
2. Keep long-term investment in personnel’s study and training and increase their (especially managers’) energy continuously.
3. Knowledge and action are one. Managers should act on what they learn during daily work and improve their management levels.

In the first lesson of this training class, Zhang Liyan, a well-known management expert in the communications industry, was invited to give a lecture on "Comprehensive Improvement of MTP Middle-level Management Skills". Starting from contemporary employees themselves and the management goals, Mr. Zhang explained the management roles, responsibilities, the characteristics and building methods of a high-performance team, management communication skills, etc. with detailed cases and profound things in a simple way.

At the end of September, Mr. Shen from the Human Resources Department of the company analyzed the human resources management practices of the departments and teams. He guided the trainees to recognize the basic knowledge of HR management and the company’s HR management requirements of the key points of recruitment, employment style, performance management, training methods and other human resources from selection, adoption, education, and retention.

In mid-October, Mr. Yang from the Qualification Project Department of the company explained "Four Steps to Solving Problems". He presented management tools such as problem statement tables, logic trees, and priority ranking matrices, etc. to solve problems by talking about the methodology of “Problem Definition, Problem Dismantling, Problem Analysis and Solution, and Action Plan”.


All trainees were really earnest and active during the learning and tje practice after class. Their enthusiasm was impressive.

At the summary meeting on November 17, Mr. Chen issued the certificates of completing training to all trainees and addressed that the company needs high-quality products and talents to build a learning-oriented team and make a high-quality development. To achieve these goals, there should be high-quality managers in the company. All people had better uphold the theme of “Get United, Improving the ability and Overcome the Challenges”, read more, learn more, improve themselves, dare to take all kinds of important management responsibilities, and get ready to rise to the opportunities and challenges. Up to now, the two-and-a-half-month training course for middle and grass-roots managers has been successfully completed.


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