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V-SOL Technology's 2021 New Employee Extension Training

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Update time : 2021-07-30 09:18:36

 The sun is like a fire, and the temperature in summer keeps rising. Along with the rising is the vigor of V-SOL family. On July 24th, the new employees of V-SOL Technology in 2021 were ready to go to the South China Sea Wetlands to carry out a two-day training activity with the theme of "Starting from the Core and Win-Win the Future".
At the beginning, the new employees were slightly restrained from each other. With the coach's order, all of them were randomly divided into three teams. After the warm-up game, the atmosphere began to be relaxed and happy, and everyone gradually formed a preliminary tacit understanding. After a heated and intense discussion, all three energetic teams have their own team names, flags and slogans."Son of Light", "V-SOL ONU" and "Shuode Team" started their unique and flamboyant team appearance, and V-SOL's 2021 new employee development training officially kicked off.


Strive and forge ahead, show passion and be youthful
A monofilament does not form a line and a single tree does not form a forest. The first competition project is "Magic brush", in which each team member pays attention to pulling the writing rope in his hand, striving to write steadily and well, and at the same time keeping the company values in mind. After this project, everyone is strongly aware that work methods and skills should be emphasized in work, and haste makes waste;Team success is the foundation of personal success, which must be based on the joint efforts and support of other team members.



In the afternoon, the three teams received a treasure map and started the trip to raiders of the lost ark. Everyone competed, fought bravely, went to a specific place and finished the designated action to take pictures, and "flashing, moving and graceful" made everyone laugh again and again. On the way, the mysterious man assigned special tasks, and the team members cooperated in such projects as "inspiring flying" and "working together".Although it was just a game, every colleague devoted himself to the activity, contributed his strength and wisdom, and fully demonstrated the spirit of unity and initiative.


When night falls, on the grass and beside the bonfire, the friends join hands in a circle and dance along the bonfire.There were creative catwalk, clapping and screaming sketches, and the lucky draw with constant surprises.All sang My People,My Country together, and the songs were powerful and excited the instructors. Everyone shed their nervous and serious face when doing tasks during the day and smiled like a child. There is no distinction between you and me at this moment, so the warm and loving bonfire party infects everyone present, and the happy atmosphere of family gathering undoubtedly adds a touch of color to this activities.

Responsibility and obligation to make a difference
On the next day, the challenge of "the decisive battle" and "jigsaw puzzle" project will be carried out. Everyone became familiar with each other and this relationship transition from the original loose individuals into a combination can break through any line of defense. Under the wise leadership of the team leader and the firm support of the team members, the "Son of Light" won challenges and surpassed the other two teams with big scores.On the field, if you win, you lose. After eight rounds of competition, the members of "V-SOL ONU" and "Shuo De Team" took the initiative to take responsibility and accept the punishment of push-ups. Because in the "jigsaw puzzle" project, everyone is not well familiar with the rules and the organizational resources are unevenly distributed,Later, after everyone's research, the leading group finally agreed to allocate resources and finally finished it within the stipulated time.

Unite and cooperate, gather strength and climb the peak
High altitude challenges are divided into aerial grab bars and rock climbing. Everyone wears safety protection equipment and climbs up step by step. Some people hesitate to jump forward. With the cheers of teammates, relying on mutual trust, cooperation and support, the new employees climbed the rock top one after another, and successfully grabbed the crossbar. Everyone tried their best to complete and surpass it.At work, many things can't be predicted, so you can't stand still. Don't be afraid because you can't recognize them. Don't give up because you never tried them. You can!

In this activity, the most impressive part is the graduation wall.
All the team members have to climb over the 4-meter vertical wall within the stipulated time, and they have nothing to lean on except the bodies of their companions. Some players have bloodshot shoulders, while others have worn out their fingers. They have already sweated profusely, but they all gritted their teeth and insisted without complaining. The leaders present cheered them up one after another, and the "core, come on", which was hoarse, rang through the sky!After three rounds of attempts, one team member successfully climbed over the high wall, and all of them crossed a barrier psychologically, which really twisted into a rope. We are all full of infinite energy and strength, and we are an indestructible team!


We sent coolness in the hot summer and care into our hearts. During the expansion period, Xinde family members prepared sweet watermelon for all the new employees. Although the weather was unbearably hot, the coolness and love greatly encouraged our new employees' motivation and made them feel the care and warmth of the CoreTech family!


The two-day activities ended successfully, and the pains and joys were intertwined. From the excitement and expectation at the beginning, to the suffering and patience in the hot summer, and finally to the nirvana rebirth after self-transcendence, the spirit of unity, responsibility and tenacious struggle for the common goal is vividly reflected. Mr Jiang, deputy general manager and party branch secretary of the R&D center, concluded that,New employees learn through practical training and change through experiential learning. Everyone deeply feels the essence of the values of "morality, passion, responsibility and cooperation". I believe that it will be better if you join the V-SOL family!


Everyone worked hard during the two days of development. We hope that in the future, we can enhance the collaboration in the department, establish the concept of courage, unity and advancement, and work together to make the development of CoreTech better and better! 

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