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2020 V-SOL Badminton Competition and Marathon Running Successfully Concluded

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Update time : 2020-11-30 15:40:55
Badminton Competition
To further promote the construction of V-SOL's enterprise culture and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the V-SOL staff.On November 6th,V-SOL continued to hold the badminton competition,a part of 2020 autumn Sports Meeting.It is to build a platform for the staff to participate in sports, strengthen physical fitness and enjoy happiness.V-SOL CEO,Mr Welming Chan took time out of his busy schedule to participate in this competition with all the players.
There are 36 participants in this badminton competition,which is divided into 4 groups,including five events:men's singles,women's singles,women's doubles, first men's doubles and second men's doubles.In the spirit of "friendship first,competition second",the whole game was in unity,tension and enterprising atmosphere.The players were sweating and enjoying the game on the field.They sometimes strive to smash,sometimes lightly drop the ball.The result of the competition was too close to call,the superb skills of the players won bursts of applause,giving the audience a visual feast.
After three weeks of exciting competition,the first group was crowned with three wins. The third group came in second.The second group finished third.Among them,female double Ye Liufang&Huang Yi Ye,Lu Zhiyang in men's singles,Shi Weishi in women's singles,the first men's doubles CEO Mr Welming Chan&Zhang Hao and the second men's doubles vice president Mr Rao and Liang Junze were even defeated opponents to win three straight and played a extremely good game.
The badminton competition provided a platform for V-SOL staffs to show their excellent talents,and also promoting the company's concept "happy work, healthy life".The staff got to present themselves and be inspired their confidence and courage to work hard and compete courageously with perseverance.At the same time,it shows the positive and enterprising spirit of the whole V-SOL family.
  Long-Distance Running in Olympic Center
The 2020 V-SOLUTION Autumn Series sports meeting has come to an end.At 7:30 am on November 29th,all the V-SOL members gathered at the track field of Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center to warm up for some employees who would participate in two marathons,Guangzhou and Huangpu Marathon.This activity has two levels of 7 km and 13 km:7 km is to congratulate the company for achieving the goal of 700 million RMB and running hard and forging ahead.And 13 km to wish the company's 13th anniversary.At the same time,the V-SOL trade union encouraged everyone to be dedicated and diligent,so as to make a contribution to the creation of the new miracle of V-SOL in 2020.
V-SOL members take an active part in marathon running,which is not only an exercise physically,but also a leap in thinking and behavior.It is not only a symbol of perseverance,but also indicates the development of our company V-SOLUTION.Just like a marathon,we need to accumulate,to progress,to break through!Finally wishing the a prosperous development of our company and we could create a miracle again!
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