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2020 V-SOL “The Scrolls” Reciting Competition Successfully Concluded

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Update time : 2020-06-29 10:10:07
To arouse the creativity of sales staff and fully excavate their potential to galvanize their passionate and enthusiasm to work,V-SOL Sales Center has been encouraging employees to read "The Scrolls" everyday since the second quarter began.At 14:00 on June 28th,we held the recitation contest in the theme of "World's Greatest Salesman",which provided a platform for the employees to achieve win-win cooperation in the future with the whole company.

Before the competition officially began,the candidates selected from the sales team queued up and got on stage in representative of their own team.With the loud slogan and unique team name,everyone was excited about their enthusiasm and vitality.The chairman of V-SOL,Mr Chan,got on the stage and recited "The Scrolls MARKED 3:Persist until success" to the sales staff loudly and affectionately.All the audiences got to recognize his perspective of perseverance and the strong yearning for final success,winning the audience a big round of applause.After Chairman Chan's demonstration,the contestants recited the chapters of "The Scrolls"that they had prepared. The meeting room was filled with warm applause from the audience and judges. In the end, a total of 3 winners were selected,Yuan, Lin Tingwen and Li Zhongfa won the top three places respectively.Everyone took a group photo at last.

Through this activity, every member in the Sales Center not only felt the passion and charm of words in the process of recitation,but also be further stimulated for working passionately,to take"Revitalizing the national communication industry and let the world fully access to V-SOL network" as the mission for their career!
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