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2020 VSOL new employees Foshan Nanhai Wetland outdoor development

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Update time : 2020-08-19 10:49:05

In order to further strengthen the company's team building and build a more perfect staff team, CoreTech held a two-day new staff development activity in Nanhai Wetland Development Base in Foshan on August 15-16, 2020. With the theme of "Winning with Core, Building Dreams", the activity aimed to strengthen the communication between new employees, cultivate team consciousness, and enhance the cohesion and overall centripetal force of new employees.


In the morning of the 15th, the new recruits arrived at Foshan Nanhai Wetland Development Base, and after changing into camouflage uniforms, they were all in high spirits and heroic. Under the guidance of the coach, all members were divided into three small teams, each team elected its own captain and instructor, and named their respective teams, designed team shapes, selected team songs, the team members brainstormed and came up with their own ideas, "Dragon and Phoenix Team", "Elite Team", "Elite Team" and "Elite Team". The "elite team", "eight immortals over the sea team" showed their respective mighty momentum, the sound rose and fell, opening the curtain of the expansion training.

Under the unified command of the coach, each elite small team of Xinde entered in turn, walking in unison, standing at attention, taking a short rest, squatting, standing up, three-sided turning method ...... training action one by one, the loud and clear slogans, neat pace, valiant posture fully demonstrated the elite team of Xinde's full of spirit and vigorous style, showing the team of Xinde's staff without interruption. The good spirit of the team.

I. High altitude challenge

Next, the coach explained the climbing skills and precautions to everyone, and after putting on the safety protection equipment, everyone went to the climbing wall one after another and started to climb, while other team members helped to pull the traction rope. During the climbing process, when they felt that they were running out of strength and wanted to give up, they were encouraged by the cheering voices of CoreTech family members, they were full of courage and confidence, and deeply felt the centripetal force and cohesion among the team. Although not everyone reached the finish line successfully, we all enjoyed the process of challenging ourselves and surpassing ourselves, and felt the joy of working hard to the limit.

II. Work together and communicate actively

In the hot afternoon, we welcomed two challenges, "The Responsible One's Blood Battle" and "Working Together". If the "Aerial Challenge" project tests the division of labor and cooperation between the team leader and the team members, then these two projects test not only the cooperation and collaboration between the team, but also a great challenge to individuals. Initially, some team members disagreed with each other, resulting in the team not being able to complete the task in a complete and consistent manner. However, under the leadership of the team leaders and the active communication among the team members, the team members overcame all kinds of difficulties, stepped on the big footboard, collaborated sincerely, completed the task brilliantly, and carried out the spirit of Xinde perfectly.

III. Reasonable division of labor and attention to detail
On the second day, we carried out the projects of "Inspire and Fly", "Magic Pen and Horse" and "Spider Web". The elites of each team cooperated with each other, used the resources reasonably and divided the work clearly. Although some teams completed the projects quickly, there were still many shortcomings. For example, in the "spider web" project, there was a slight touch of the web. In the actual work, we cannot ignore all kinds of hidden dangers, and we should pay attention to details while having efficiency, details determine success or failure.

Fourth, perseverance, create miracles
Success depends on perseverance, never give up, unity, often will create unexpected results and gains. Graduation wall" on our three teams reunited into a large team through the 4-meter high wall, although the first two mistakes and were punished, but in this project showed the sincere and simple side of each person, in order to achieve the goal, the people work together, willing to dedicate a moving scene. As the human wall of the small partners to work hard, everyone's feet on their thighs, shoulders, the first small partners to go up as soon as they keep pulling their companions up, in the case of no external objects can be borrowed, no verbal communication through body language to convey the message. With the joint efforts of everyone, we finally passed with a score of 10 minutes and 35 seconds! We created a miracle with our team power, and drenched hope with our sweat, we succeeded! All the challenging projects came to an end here, and although everyone was tired, their smiles were always bright!

Two days of training time flew by, at the end of the activity, the company's departmental leaders, such as Feng He, as representatives of the company came to the scene to cheer everyone up and take a group photo with everyone. Through this outdoor development activities, we have a deep understanding, and develop the spirit of teamwork. The true team spirit is that we can all concentrate on each task, their interests, future, fate and team closely together, fully reflect and challenge themselves, in order to make our core team in the fierce competition in the market will always be invincible, the impossible into possible is the amount of measurement! Every new employee of CoreTech will be happy and strive together, and will follow the strategic layout of CoreTech's development, win together with CoreTech and build a dream voyage!


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