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VSOL granded hold the 2020 "With The Same Core and Same Morality, Create A Miracle" Theme Annual Conference

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Update time : 2020-01-20 10:39:15
On the morning of January 18, 2020,  Guangzhou V-Solution Communication Technology Co., Ltd.  held the annual meeting of the company at Guangzhou Grand Royal Hotel once again. Mr. Deng xinfa, deputy general manager of the company and director of the manufacturing center, presided over the annual meeting.
After the opening chorus, chairman Chen Chunming pointed out in his speech that 2019 is a year of "not simply growing against the trend". This year's competition is unprecedentedly fierce. Under the extremely bad situation, VSOL has created a new high growth rate in the past three years with the joint efforts of all VSOL people. President Chen also affirmed the efforts of VSOL people to focus on products, go to the front line of customers, and provide quality products and services! We encourage all our family members to be "with the same core and with the same morality,create Miracle" in 2020.
Under the chairmanship of Director Deng, the heads of various departments came to the stage to review the achievements made in the work in 2019, summarize the deficiencies in the work, and look forward to the work in 2020. From the reports of all departments, we can see that 2019 will be a historic year for the company. Under the concerted efforts of all departments of the company, the business of the company will continue to develop steadily and achieve excellent performance. We are determined to do better in 2020!
In the last part of the morning, chairman Chen made a summary report on the work in 2019, then summarizing the achievements and shortcomings of the company in 2019, chairman Chen clearly put forward the general goal and general program of 2020, calling on all of us to continue to maintain the mentality of "unity and hard work" and "modesty and prudence", "guard against arrogance and rashness, keep a low profile and be humble", and work harder to achieve the annual goal of 2020.
In the afternoon, chief engineer He Feng and VSOL's new generation of young people led the group to dance the "strictly come dancing" dance, then the 2019 annual award is presented, and the winning individuals and teams take to the stage to receive the award. Representatives of the winners thanked the company for the recognition of their work in 2019, and they will continue to work hard after the award to strive for better performance in 2020! The next cadre appointment and oath, let the annual meeting into a climax! Appointed VSOL cadres Unity strength, united, under a solemn oath, to ensure that "VSOL army, march forward, 2020 to achieve the goal!"
In the last part, the R&D center and the Sales center are solemnly swear the 2020 written pledge to fulfill a military order.
In the evening, VSOL held the annual meeting dinner in the same place. Chairman Chen, on behalf of the company, thanked all the suppliers, partners and customers, all the staff and their families, and all the invited guests. There are various programs on the dinner party: the lion dance under the opening drum, Singing contest, the red envelope lottery, the WeChat red envelope... Scene atmosphere pushed to the extreme! In everyone's wine, very harmonious atmosphere, the annual event successfully closed!
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