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V-Solution Participated in the 2019 Alibaba September Procurement Festival and Won the Championship

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Update time : 2019-10-11 16:49:20

V-Solution participated in the September Procurement Festival of Alibaba International Station. As an important support for Alibaba International Station's "Digital Reconstruction of Cross-border Trade" strategy, this procurement festival brings 69 featured industry belts together, 21 first-tier industries, tens of thousands of merchants and quality products from the world. To provide flow matching for merchants, “emerging market increase investment plans” and financial payment and logistics services. In order to train the foreign trade team, enhance the foreign trade team's business ability and enhance the team's agglutination, and create better sales performance, V-Solution signed up for the PK event of the September purchasing of the Alibaba Huangpu District customer organized by Your Choice Network and Matrix.
On the afternoon of October 10, 2019, V-Solution participated in the Alibaba's September Procurement Festival Summary Meeting and Awards Ceremony at the New Galaxy Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park of Guangzhou Science City. The Alibaba customers attending the conference reviewed the September Procurement Festival and awards. V-Solution won several awards in the first place in the total performance of the PK event, becoming the biggest winner of the PK event. So far, the September Procurement Festival has come to an end. Looking back at the wonderful September, there are tears and laughter, there are paid and results.

The Kick-Off Meeting of Alibaba Procurement Festival

On the afternoon of August 30, V-Solution employees were full of confidence to participate in the Alibaba Procurement Festival kick-off meeting. Each company participating in the competition made every effort to scream their company's battle name, battle slogan, monthly goals, and produced a battle flag on the spot to showcase their company's style and positive energy for the Procurement Festival.

Under the guidance of the staffs of Matrix and Your Choice Network, V-Solution employees insisted on the morning meeting every day, regularly conducted platform data analysis and held customer analysis meetings. Through these links, the workflow, the team's collective combat capability and new customer mining were improved. Ability to ensure the achievement of performance goals.

The Daily of the Procurement Festival

The Mid-Month Summary Meeting of the Procurement Festival

On September 17, the participating companies gathered together to introduce their own company with PPT, made a summary for half a month, reviewed the shortage, and did a good job of improvement measures to continue to work harder for the goal.

V-Solution Summary and Sharing

On October 10, Mr. Zhang, the sales director of V-Solution, led a team to make a wonderful summary and sharing. Looking back on the past September, there is growth and gain, everyone is bravely aiming forward! Hereby, Mr. Zhang on behalf of V-Solution expressed the gratitude to the contribution of the organizers and instructors of the Huangpu District of Alibaba.

V-Solution Glory moment

The excellent performance in September was gratifying through concerted effort of the foreign trade elites. They won the championship in the participating Alibaba customers, won the championship of Alibaba inquiry, and won the top 3 of the Million Hero Awards. The most important thing is that in the process of PK, we have done our best for the common goal, and further improved the various links in the marketing work, and the foreign trade personnel also gained growth! September is over, but it does not mean the end of growth. The foreign trade elites of the company will continue to work hard to create better annual performance targets!

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