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V-SOL Tech 14th Anniversary Celebration And Birthday Party For March-April Borned Staffs

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Update time : 2021-04-14 10:56:36
From 2007 to present
Through 14-year trials and hardships, we have overcomed difficulties, moving forward fearlessly.
Looking back to 14-year entrepreneurial history, we have never forgoten why we started, embracing the future.
V-SOL Tech 14th Anniversary Celebration 
On April 9th.
V-SOL Tech met its 14th birthday.
V-SOL Staffs gathered together
To celebrate this special day.
Meanwhille, March-April borned staffs got sincere blessings.
V-SOL Tech 14th Anniversary Celebration 

Mr. Dongsheng, Rao, V-SOL Executive Deputy General Manager and General Manager of R&D Center
Retold the histroty about how V-SOL grew for these years
And wished V-SOL a bright future.
V-SOL Tech 14th Anniversary Celebration 
The host presented exquisite greeting cards for birthday persons.
All V-SOL staffs sang the birthday song to bless them.
Everyone, full of joy and happiness.

Mousse cup, sweet, soft and smooth.
Croissant, crispy and delicious.
Cake, delicious and exquisite.
Warmhearted preparation for all staffs.
In this party,
All V-SOL staffs enjoyed themselves
And spent a wonderful birthday indeed.
In these 14 years, we struggled and gained.
We V-SOL staffs worked hard to move forward and made our efforts to achieve impressive results.
Thanks for all V-SOL staffs' unity and constribution.
Looking to the future.
We stick to our beliefs, never forget why we started and move forward.
Continue to keeping the mission of working hard for the world to fully access the network in mind.
Firmly practice the eight core values ​​of Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation, Honest, Passion, Responsibility, and Collaboration.
We work hard. We move forward to make progress. We determine to innovate.
Steps by steps, we V-SOL will be better grown-up!

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