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V-SOL Carried out the 12th Core Staff Conference Successfully

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Update time : 2021-10-22 15:32:55
On OCT. 16th, 2021, the manned spacecraft Shenzhou XIII was launched successfully. At the same time, V-SOL Tech carried out the 12th Core Staff Conference at Science City Convention Center in Guangzhou with the theme of “Get United, Improving the ability and Overcome the Challenges”. The core staff is full of enthusiasm even though it’s a little cold in the morning. 81 people reached Luogang Conference Center before 9 am. Once the conference started, all backbone staff sang the company anthem together and watched an MV to review the previous meetings and the history of the company.
Then, the CEO Mr. Chen addressed the meeting that there is both chance and challenge under the current circumstance. He proposed that everyone should get united, improve themselves and overcome the challenges together when confronting the problems.
With the fast development of V-SOL Tech, many professionals grow rapidly. Some skilled workers also were adopted to the emergency field. According to the company's relevant system and strict selection, 18 new core employees are added this year, which is the most people to be picked out in the history. The new backbone staff is competent and excellent in the work. They are the role models for all colleagues. Mr. Rao, the deputy general manager and general manager of R&D Center, issued the certification for the new members.
This meeting mainly focused on the analysis and planning, improvement and promotion of company problems. The person in charge of each department took turns to report on some problems that occurred in the work. They also clearly pointed out problems involving other departments asked all departments to strengthen communication and solve problems together. Finally, Mr. Chen elaborated on the development plan for the next three years in combination with the changes in the external environment and the company's current situation.
After lunch, the three centers of the company performed morale. The manufacturing center won the champion with careful preparation, neat movement, positive spirit and great creativity.
Before the conference, the company carried out the reporting and review of reasonable improvement proposals. Through brainstorming, digging into problems, and actively conceiving solutions, the backbones put forward a large number of feasible proposals. 8 outstanding proposals were picked out, 3 of which were selected to share in the meeting.
The deputy general manager of the R&D center and chairman of the labor union Mr. Jiang issued certificates to excellent proposers for encouragement.
During the tea break, the core staff divided into 8 groups discussed the company's fourth three-year plan. After discussion, each group talked about the designated topics and shared the conclusion. Finally, Mr. Chen also talked freely about the future in the summary of the meeting, without evading any issues. He said that as long as everyone is united, nothing can not be solved.
After Mr. Chen’s conclusion, the convention is finished successfully. All people took a photo together in the end.
With the end of the 12th core staff convention, all key members will return to their posts and work harder. Upholding the convention spirit of “Get United, Improve the Ability, Overcome the Challenges”, everyone will strive toward the fourth three-year plan!
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