CATV Receiver with WDM

Item No.: V8601C-1
The V8601C is a mini in-door optical receiver build in WDM, design for FTTP/FTTH transmission applications.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 96mm(L)×90mm(W)×24mm(H)
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • Description Features Parameters  Application
       Product introduction
    The V8601C is a mini in-door optical receiver build in WDM, design for FTTP/FTTH transmission applications. It delivers excellent frequency and distortion responses with low noise, high RF output, and low power consumption.The PTR3282C package is single mode fiber-pigtailed and is available with various connector options.
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       Special Features
     ► 1 GHz operating bandwidth 

     ► Lower input optical range:+2~-18dBm

     ► Output level up to 76dBuV (@-15dBm power input)

     ► 1 RF Output optional   

     ► Low power consumption<1.0W

        Technical parameters
    Description Value Unit Conditions / Notes
    Optical Specifications (Forward Path)
    Wavelength 1550/1490/1310 nm Com port
      1490/1310 nm For ONT
    Optical Power Input Range -18+2 dBm  
    AGC Range -2-12 dBm  
    Optical Input Return Loss ≥45 dB  
    RF Specifications (Forward Path)
    Bandwidth 471003 MHz  
    Flatness ±1.0 dB 471003MHzAt 25 ℃
    Slope 0~2.0 dB 471003MHzAt 25 ℃
    Temperature Stability ±1.5 dB In the operating temperature range (-25 ~ +65 ℃)
    Output Level 75 dBuV -15dBm input optical power, The analog channelper channel modulation 4.0%, in the 860MHz point test, at 25℃
    Impedance 75 Ohm  
    Return Loss471000MHz ≥12 dB At 25 ℃
    MER ≥30 dB -15~-5dBm input optical power
      ≥24 dB -20~-16, input optical power
    Power < 1.0 W  
    Environmental Parameters
    Operating Temperature -2565  
    Storage Temperature -4070  
    Storage Humidity ≤95 Non- condensation
    User Interface
    Optical Connector Type SC/APC in,
    SC/PC out
      SC  Optional,
    See the figure and
    Power supply DC5V/0.5A   External adapter, See the figure
    RF Output RG6 Connector   Optional,
    See the figure and
      1 or 2 ports    
    Optical Indicator Shine Red or
    Green color
      Optical power <-16dBm ,red
    Optical power >--16dBm ,green
    See the figure
    Housing 90×85×25 mm  
    Net weight 0.138 kg  
    Gross weight 0.184 kg  
       Application Chart

    CATV Receiver application picture


    Luis Pacheco
    Nov 13, 2019
    Mis amigo deseo adquirir 2000 unidades de este equipo
    Jun 03, 2019
    Bom dia gostaria de saber deste equipamento e o preço
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