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By Damon Watson | 07 May 2022 | 10 Comments

What is TR-069? How's V-SOL TR069-VACS?

Part I. Introduction of TR-069


TR-069 (Technical Report-069) is a communication protocol developed on CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol) and the communication link between CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and ACS (Auto-Configuration Server). With the protocol, CPE is able to achieve indispensable measures of initialization and operation such as service provision, function setting, the upload and download of files, system detection, etc.


Part II. Features of TR-069 Protocol


Automatic configuration of user equipment and dynamic service configuration

For ACS, each user equipment can mark its own model, version, and other info in the protocol. According to the settable rules, ACS can issue configuration to a specific terminal device or a group of equipment. CPE can automatically request the configuration information in ACS after startup. ACS as well as can initiate configuration at any time. With this characteristic, the "zero-configuration installation" of user equipment can be realized and the dynamic change of service parameters can be controlled from the network side.


Management of software and firmware of user equipment


TR-069 protocol can manage and download software and firmware in user equipment. ACS can identify the version number of user equipment and choose whether to remotely update the software version of user equipment. For example, operators can manage and upgrade the user equipment remotely when the user equipment needs to load new software to realize new services or when there are bugs in the current software that must be repaired.


Monitor the status and performance of user equipment


TR-069 defines the means for ACS to monitor the status and performance of user equipment, which includes some general performance parameters reflecting the current working state of user equipment. Standard syntax is also provided and operators can set up additional parameters.


Diagnosis of telecommunication faults


TR-069 provides user self-diagnosis and report. For example, under the instruction of ACS, the client can check the connectivity and bandwidth between the client and the network service provider through Ping or other means. The detection result is turned back to ACS. In this way, operators can simply locate and deal with the equipment faults reported by users through remote operation.


Part III. V-SOL ONU Management Sofware: TR069-VACS


V-SOL TR069-VACS is an ONU management software, which is mainly used for the device registration of the home gateway. It can initiate auto-configuration, diagnose and fix faults remotely and monitor the devices. It connects to the terminals through the TR069 management channel. The system can be used to check the status of the terminals through connections between the web client and the TR069-VACS server.
TR069-VACS Diagram

Features of TR069-VACS:

It's applied in WAN and used by ISP/operators. The system supports Windows and Linux.
Support unified network management of devices, support Rights- and Domain-based management
Support batch configuration of devices using a template, Plug & Play, real-time data monitoring, collection and analysis
Web UI: friendly interface, easy to control the operation and maintenance operations
Support deployment through the cloud, local and other ways
Full-featured Product: Benchmarking the functions of ITMS in large domestic companies
The article has shown a brief introduction of the TR-069 protocol and V-SOL ONU management software TR069-VACS. What else would you like to know? Comment below to let us know!








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