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By Damon Watson | 20 December 2022 | 0 Comments

How's V-SOL Layer 2 Switch different from others?

1. Basic Introduction of V-SOL Layer 2 PoE/UnPoe switch


Recently, V-SOL has just launched three series of Layer 2 switches, including the PoE switch and the UnPoE switch. There are 100M switch and Gigabit switch. The PoE switches only support standard PoE of 48V, AF(15W)/AT(30W). All switches support the following features. 


Shift into three modes with one button
Support VLAN
QoS priority
Thunderproof and static-free protection
Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
indicator lights of working status, helping analyze faults
Link extension


Now let's get to learn three series of switches one by one!


V10XX Layer 2 PoE Ethernet Switch


V11XX Layer 2 PoE Switch


V11XX UnPoE Layer 2 Ethernet Switch




2. Three special modes of V-SOL Layer 2 Switches


The switch provides a button that enables you to shift the switch into three modes, including VLAN mode, Default mode and Extend mode, which can be applied to different scenarios such as medium and small enterprise, school and outdoor monitoring.




The VLAN mode is specially designed for video surveillance and wired/wireless networking scenarios. It can effectively isolate DHCP broadcasts and reduce broadcast storms to improve intranet transmission efficiency and security. The (1-4/1-6/1-14/1-24) ports of the switch cannot communicate with each other and can only communicate with the uplink port.

Default Mode


The default mode is specially designed for small and medium-sized offices. All ports of the switch can communicate with each other with a transmission distance of 100 meters or less. The transmission rate is adaptive 10/100/1000M.

Extend Mode


The extend mode is specially designed for outdoor video surveillance scenarios. The (1-4/1-6/1-14/9-24) ports of the switch can extend the data transmission distance up to 250 meters at a rate of 10M.

3. Switches' capacity of thunderproof and static-free protection


4. Application of V-SOL Layer 2 PoE Switch


The V-SOL Layer 2 PoE switches can be applied in enterprise security monitoring. It's important for enterprises for protecting the security of finance and intellectual property. Here are the flaws of current enterprise security monitoring:

There are many various monitoring devices, which is difficult to access electricity and costly to deploy wires.
The bandwidth of video surveillance is low, resulting in video lag and low resolution.
Too many terminal devices make it inconvenient to manage.

With the V-SOL enterprise security monitoring solution, users don't need to deploy a bulk of cables for terminal equipment, which saves the budget. The scene video will be sent back in high definition in real time. Therefore, monitoring personnel can handle accidents in time. Emergency phones+Loud speakers enable to publish related notices and take measures to minimize enterprises' loss. What's more, the switches support PoE, which is capable of supplying power for multiple devices.


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