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By Damon Watson | 17 March 2022 | 2 Comments

FTTH Network: Application of GEPON Outdoor Reverse PoE ONU

In order to meet the development demands of broadband, nowadays many operators prefer deploying fiber to cable networks. However, it's difficult to access electricity for ONU devices in corridors or outdoor when applying FTTB/FTTH. It's a tricky problem in carrying out PON solutions under some special occasions such as when renewing the old residentials, the power supply and backup is hard on many occasions and the power is extremely unstable in the corridors, which results in high ONU equipment failure, late maintenance, bad user experience.


For this problem, V-SOL has developed the outdoor reverse PoE ONU that can access power with PSE in terminal users' houses.



PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that can not only transmit data signals for some terminals based on IP such as VOIP telephone, wireless AP and IP camera but also supply AC power for these devices. PoE is also called POL (Power over LAN) or Active Ethernet.


1. Why choose outdoor reverse PoE ONU?

Main problems that PoE (PD) ONU can solve:

① Difficult to access the electricity in corridor and outdoor

② Users pay for the electricity, which saves operators' costs.


2. Application of outdoor reverse PoE ONU


Here is the application of V-SOL of the V280xPD series outdoor reverse PoE ONU.

Reserve POE ONU Application


As we can see, OLT upstream connects to the core network or switch and downstream the optical splitter. Shown by the frame, there are three branches issuing from the splitter, which means 3 applications with different ONT/ONU placed on different occasions. The OLT, passive optical splitter and ONU consist of Passive Optical Network (PON).


1. If the splitter connects to the general ONT set up on the users' house, it can normally provide Triple Play Services including CATV, VoIP, and Internet service when all conditions are perfect. The application is also called FTTH (Fiber to the Home).


2. When there is no AC power in the corridors of the house or buildings, you can install V-SOL outdoor reverse PoE ONU (V2810E-4PD/V2810G-4PD) in the corridors uplinked to the splitter.


3. Similarly, if there is no current power outdoor when creating the fiber access network, the outdoor reverse PoE ONU (V2808PD-ZE/V2808PD-ZG) can be set up outdoor such as a telegraph pole on the road.


4. The ONU is powered by PSE(Power Sourcing Equipment) deployed in user's house/buildings.


Features of V-SOL outdoor reverse PoE ONU:

- Compatible with OLT based on Broadcom/PMC/Cortina chipset.
- When pressing the RST button for over 3 seconds, ONU will restart and recover from the factory default settings.
- Due to the devices being water-proof, they can be installed on outdoor walls, posts and other places.
- The routers are easy to install and maintain, the applicable temperature range is broad.
- Low power consumption, mute, high stability, environment friendly and energy conservation.
- Plug and Play. Automatic detection, automatic configuration and automatic firmware upgrade.

Reserve POE ONU

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