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By Damon Watson | 27 January 2022 | 4 Comments

6 Best Ways to Boost WiFi Signal and Extend the Range

Does the WiFi signal lag suddenly and the network need to be loaded when you are playing games or watching videos? Are you frustrated with the poor signal in your large house? Have you been confronted with a strong WiFi signal in the living room but a weak signal in the bedroom? Why is that? Don't worry! Here are 6 ways to boost your WiFi signal.

6 Best Ways to Boost WiFi Signal and Extend the Range

Method 1: Reboot Your WiFi Router

Does your phone need to be rebooted for a better user experience? Similarly, the router can take up a lot of memory by processing a lot of data for a long time, it will refresh and serve you at its best by rebooting properly! You can follow the below steps:

- Firstly, check your network connection.
- Secondly, make sure your router has updated to the latest version and it will keep your router in better operation status.
- Thirdly, reboot your router.


Method 2: Catch and Remove WiFi Thief

There is too much software that features powerful functions for cracking WiFi. Your WiFi signal may be stolen by neighbors. The speed will slow down and be weak when the network is connected to many devices. You need to use a complex, strong password to prevent brute attacks. If you're still worried, V-SOL WiFi 6 router may make a difference. It supports advanced guest network settings and WPA3, which can greatly protect your network security.


Method 3: Place in the Best Position

Do you place your router in a corner or near metal objects that can emit electromagnetic waves? It is wrong and it would greatly interfere with the WiFi signal! It is recommended to place it in the center of your home at a height of at least 1 meter. The antenna can be oriented toward devices that often need to connect to the Internet. In the case of a duplex house, the antenna of the router can be adjusted to 45 degrees to meet your network requirements.


Method 4:  Switch to 5GHz Frequency Band

Compared with the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the 5GHz frequency band has a cleaner network environment that has less interference, more stable speed and higher wireless rates. You can check the router's management interface for the 5GHz option. Switching to the 5GHz band will give you a better Internet speed experience. However, your devices (including routers and terminal devices) must support the 5G frequency band.


Method 5: WiFi Repeater/Extender

When all else fails, you can purchase a WiFi signal repeater/extender to improve. However,  the speed and stability of WiFi will be reduced.  You can't have your cake and eat it! If you are still not satisfied with the effect and look for a worry-free router solution with a stronger signal and wider coverage, you should replace a higher-performance router such as the WiFi 6 router mentioned above. It is equipped with 4 high-power FEM to bring stronger WiFi signals and owns the capability of wall penetration.


Method 6: Set Up a Mesh WiFi Network

A thorough WiFi signal solution! Different from the traditional network, all nodes of the mesh network are interconnected. There are multiple connection channels between any two nodes and all nodes are connected to form a whole network. The strong signal of the mesh WiFi network easily extends the coverage range throughout your house!


There are few mature brands supporting mesh network systems in the router market. It is worth mentioning that V-SOL WiFi EasyMesh network would be a great solution for you. It could help you set up a mesh WiFi network with strong signals covering each corner of your house and offer you an enjoyable surfing experience.


Features of V-SOL WiFi EasyMesh Network:


1. Large Network Capacity

The mesh WiFi system supports carrying out plenty of services simultaneously and realizes high throughput. What makes it special is that there are multi nodes that are flexible to connect for ensuring a stable network. For instance, with utilizing multiple access points (APs) to increase network capacity, the V-SOL dual-band router HG3610ACM supports WiFi 5 EasyMesh that brings a standards-based approach to WiFi networks.

Boost WiFi Signal

2. Easy to Install
With EasyMesh technology, the V-SOL mesh WiFi network can load and configure the device securely and seamlessly.


3. Network Intelligence
It's capable of applying the function of low latency prior preferentially and roaming to the best network for the device.


4. Auto-configuration Networking
Greatly save your time!


5. WiFi Full Coverage

With the V-SOL device HG323AC-B as the slave router placed around your house, there is a stable and secure mesh WiFi network set up and your house is fully covered with WiFi signals. The device offers you an all-around signal coverage by combining auto-configuration networking and network intelligence with greater flexibility.

Extend WiFi Range



It is recommended to use routers with the same brand that support the mesh function for setting up the mesh network.


The 6 best ways to boost wifi signal and extend wifi range have been listed. Just try and find the method fitting for your own situation. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

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