How XMC1842 Innovative Beyond Other LTE CAT4 CPEs


As an important terminal integrating mobile communication and fixed network technology, CPE equipment is also responsible for providing users with high-quality network services. It converts the high-speed 4G network signal and broadband signal into WiFi and wired LAN signal, supporting terminal devices accessing the Internet with a stable signal anywhere the base station around.

Unlike the popular CPE on the market, the super mini LTE CAT4 CPE XMC1842 is packed with impressive innovations in both design and performance, making it a good option for daily use especially when you need Internet access on the go. To some extent, the performance of the small portable CPE is no less powerful and stable than regular LTE CAT4 CPE, making it a game-changer to traditional network access.

Compact Design of LTE CAT4 CPE XMC1842

Super MINI Size for Portability

Smaller than a MIFI device, the mini LTE CPE is the size of an egg, yet lighter than an egg, so the mini LTE CPE can be put in backpacks, handbags, and even your pocket to experience stable and high-speed Internet anytime and anywhere.

Compact Design with Sufficient Configuration

Designed in compact style with 1 RJ45 port supported up to 50/150Mbps and 1 Type-C USB port, the LTE CPE wireless router with WiFi 4 technology is cost-effective to meet the daily Internet demand. Additionally, with 5 colors available, it is fashionable and can match your OOTD.

Super Convenient Type-C USB Port

The 4G LTE CPE WiFi router equipped with a Type-C USB port that supports power delivery can be used as a mobile phone charger and power bank for computers, cars, etc. The type-C USB supports higher data transfer speed than the micro-USB, previous generation USB cable, providing a more efficient transfer experience. Moreover, as the Type-C port can be reversible, the cable can be inserted in either end, more the network connection more user-friendly.

With numerous mobile devices with Type-C USB ports, the Type-C USB has become one of the mainstream types. In this situation, the XMC1842 can ensure compatibility with the latest devices and reach a seamless integration with emerging technologies.

A Plug-and-play Wireless Connectivity

The portable 4G CPE addresses the limitations of traditional wired broadband connections, which have limited transmission distances. Whether indoors or outdoors, it provides a plug-and-play solution that ensures a stable and seamless network connection over long distances. Unlike WiFi Mobile Hotspots, which may have signal quality issues due to distance and the number of devices connected, the mini CPE offers reliable and strong signal coverage. Read on to further find out Difference Between CPE Router and MiFi Router.

 Internet Access Anytime and Anywhere

The portable 4G CPE XMC1842 is an ideal solution for the Internet access demand from areas with limited Internet infrastructure, like rural areas, factories, small-medium enterprises, and so on. Unlike the traditional network bandwidth and WiFi routers that require fixed access equipment, the 4g LTE CPE router with a sim card slot can be used more flexibly. All you need is a USIM card, the 4G cellular technology will provide your devices provide Internet connectivity even if there is no WiFi available.

It is especially suitable for areas such as Africa, and small merchants to connect to cash registers such as POS machines, even in unstable power environments can ensure stable network connectivity.

convenient Internet Access in various scenarios

XMC1482 is Ideal for Daily Use

Especially in home, enterprise, and other scenarios, CPE is becoming more and more popular, and users are demanding higher and higher network speed and stability. VSOL mini CPE XMC1482 is launched to not only meet mobile connection requirements but also aim to be convenient for people’s daily lives. Start your journey with CPE XMC1482 TODAY! You can easily put it in your pocket and enjoy the convenience of a high-speed Internet connection anytime, anywhere.

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