1GE Secure ONU

Item No.: V2801SG
V2801S is 1GE Secure ONU designed for fulfilling FTTH ultra-broadband access request of home and SOHO users.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 82mm×82mm×25mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Description Features parameters Application
       Product introduct
    GPON 1GE Safe ONU, It can also be applied to a wide temperature environment, and also has a powerful firewall function.
    GPON 1GE ONU meets telecom operators FTTO (office), FTTD (Desk), FTTH(Home) broadband speed, SOHO broadband access, video surveillance and other requirements and design a GPON Gigabit Ethernet products. The box is based on the mature Gigabit GPONtechnology, highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed QOS for different service. And it is fully compliant with technical regulations such as ITU-T G.984.x and IEEE802.3ah.
      Product video display
       Special Features

    ►  Compatible with popular OLT(HW,ZTE...)
    ►  Industrial Design
    ►  Routing or Bridging Mode
    ►  Detecting Rogue ONU
    ►  Flow & Storm Control , Loop Detection
    ►  Firewall: DDOS, Filtering Based on ACL/MAC/URL


       Technical parameters

    Technical item

    1GE Secure ONU

    PON interface

    1 GPON port

    Wavelength:Tx1310nm,Rx 1490nm

    SC/UPC connector

    Receiving sensitivity: ≤-28dBm

    Transmitting optical power: 0~+4dBm

    Transmission distance: 20KM

    LAN interface

    1 x 10/100/1000Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces.10/100/1000M Full/Half, RJ45 connector


    3, For Status of REG、SYS、LINK/ACT

    Operating condition

    Temperature: -30℃~+70

    Humidity: 10%~90%non-condensing



    Temperature : -30℃~+70℃

    Humidity :10%~90%non-condensing

    Power supply

    DC 12V/0.5A(option)

    Power consumption




    Net weight



    Software Key Feature

     Software mode

    Bridging mode and Routing mode.

     Abnormal protection

    Detecting Rogue ONU, Hardware Dying Gasp.


    DDOS, Filtering Based on ACL/MAC/URL.


    802.1D&802.1ad bridge, 802.1p Cos, 802.1Q VLAN.


    IPv4/IPv6, DHCP Client/Server , PPPoE, NAT , DMZ ,DDNS.


    IGMP v1/v2/v3 , IGMP snooping.


    Flow & Storm control, Loop Detection.




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